CreativityAs young women we were busy raising children and balancing a work schedule with family time. Our day’s activities were dictated by the school schedule and we fell into bed at night, exhausted. As we age the children leave home and women usually find they have more free time. Finally time for a woman to find some interests and hobbies.

If you are unsure what your hobby should be, the best places to begin are hobby shops and hobby stores. Wander the aisles and look at all the options available. You could knit, draw, sew, paint, or scrapbook. All the supplies needed are right there in the store.

Hobby shops have another benefit. Most offer very affordable classes to teach people how to do various hobbies. You can learn how to crochet a baby afghan or how to draw cartoons. You will meet with a teacher who is enthusiastic about the hobby along with making new friends who have the same interest. If you do not like the hobby you chose, you have not invested much money and you can try another one of the hobbies for women.

If you want a certain item for your home decor, you may be able to take a class or just read an article and make the item yourself, saving money in the process. If you want a rag rug for your kitchen, learn to make it. If you need a new afghan for the bed, learn to make that. Ask your friends to teach you the skills they have in a certain area.

Many women turn to exercise as their hobby. You can join a gym or just walk with your girlfriends. You will not only get to spend more time with your friends, as well as make new friends, but you will lose weight and increase your fitness level in the process!

Birdwatching is something you can do alone or with a friend or spouse. Invest in a good bird book and a notebook to note which species you have spotted. This can be a lifelong quest, to find an elusive bird.

Studies have shown that women who remain involved and interested in life actually live longer. Finding a hobby at when you have a little more time on your hands is a good way to keep active.

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